10 reasons why I wish I were a guy

1. As a man, they don’t say they’re not sure about your sex, unless you wear a skirt.

2.Coming home by foot from a party that ended at 2 AM, you don’t walk the streets trembling in your shoes for the fact that an infamous man will jump from a bush, and try to tear your clothes apart.

3. If a man is „bad” the whole society will pay their respects and admiration for the cause of „a rebel.” If a woman is bad she’ll end up being looked as a witch during the medieval times (when they burned them for that).

4. As a man, if you’re single, over thirty, live on your own, and make your own money without depending on anyone else nobody will say you’re a” tight bitch, with a stick shoved up her ass.”

5. You don’t have behind you thousands of years saying you should cook, clean, make as much babies as possible and really obey to anything the male wants.

6. You don’t get molested by your hormones at least three days a month.

7. You can get an orgasm faster that you can say „sex.”

8.While in high-school your parents didn’t forbid you to go to parties, for fear that a douchebag might get you pregnant.

9. „Men get laid, women get screwed.” Putting it differently: you’re a ladies’ man, not a whore.

10. From the second you are born your genes make you an absolute master in computers, exact sciences and, of course, business. When a girl is born, it goes like” Oh, shit, she’s not carrying my manly, extraordinary family name further.”

Oh, and a bonus: men put on a black T-shirt, worn-out jeans and they expect the world to say they’re „sexy and nonconformist”. For the same reaction, women have to spend half of their day in shopping stores, and the other half in front of the mirror.

sursa poza

  1. ianuarie 25, 2010 la 1:43 pm

    1. If you don’t use in a adequate way the make-up, yes. I hate makeup(it hides the true beauty of a women). We still are afraid because you might be a hermaphrodite.

    2. this are your insecurities (if your a confident woman you will know how to embed in your body language that you are strong and nobody can touch you ;take karate lessons ) or you can just dress ugly, don’t wear make up and walk very fast.

    3. fuck that ! I admire a bad girl getting what she wants from her life (even if she gets dirty doing it)… You sure like bad boys because bad boys ensures you success in life( he has that social experience). Without taking risk … you’re nothing , just a peon, living by what society wants , not what YOU want.

    4. again … it’s your own decision to be that way. You can be a smart whore or a dumb whore.

    5. If she is smart, she could talk and explain to the male partner that she can’t handle all of the things she does every day.

    6. Those 3 days or more are dedicated to the creation of something special. Sorry but.. giving birth is the best thing that could happen to you, even if it’s painful(think of it you bring life to this earth, 4000 years ago man worshiped women).

    7. That’s the involved type of man. If the male is interested in solving this problem, he can.I’m the kind of man that thinks : „woman come first, the nice guy finish last”.

    8. Stupid society… Experience will get you understand what is right and wrong in life. And admit it .. is your mistake if you didn’t make him wear a condom. Tutorial here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXsn3hZYhO8

    9. It’s a fact and it’s proven … man are the wussy in a relationship( why you are to manipulate us very easy?, we care that our genes are passed on, women have the power to destroy us- they can tell their friends and their friends can tell other friends and we end up „screwing” nothing. Think of it!!!). We are more scared of rejection than you are. we need emotions more then you do.

    10. Who are the best PR’s in the world? The best ambassadors? You can talk 24h. Your Corpus callosum is wider than ours. You are more intuitive. You’re unique in the way you put things, you are able to do and think at so many things , you put so many questions in you’re mind. While your doing sex we( or I ) know that you are thinking „Is this bastard gonna call me tomorrow?” „Did i let the oven open?”

    you forgot something : we can pee standing? use: none.

    Bonus: You don’t have to pay to enter clubs, you don’t have to pay for your drinks( because we are that dumb, to pay you even if we know that we will be rejected) and many more.. We don’t recognize body language so good as you.

    Conclusion : You need us, we need you. We are equally balanced in skills. We are perfect together!
    PS: on earth is a 1:1 ratio men to women population ( for those who think that are more women than men)

  2. ianuarie 26, 2010 la 8:55 pm

    Wow..never read such an appreciation for women.
    One more thing,for JLN: no offense,I don’t really agree with you…I mean,sure I was jealous on my cousin ‘cause he was allowed to go to parties,but that was when I was 13…Now I’m thinking that,although there’s a disadvantage because we can get pregnant(alien,what if the condom breaks?),there’s the mighty question: how can you think of yourself as a woman,if you continuously want to be a guy?(not adressed,rethorical)…because I’ve seen many „girls” trying not to be girls…NOT nice!:D
    And thank God we can’t pee standing!

    • ianuarie 26, 2010 la 9:19 pm

      I don’t continuously want to be a man, honeys, I like being a woman. :)) It’s true that sometimes I get mad at some things that seem easier for men, but the post was supposed to be aimed at society that keeps treating men and woman differently in some situations where they shouldn’t.

      And Alien, the main reason I am glad I am woman, it’s because one day I’ll be a mother. 🙂

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