I Know How To Change The World

I would the change this world through  EDUCATION. I would militate for a higher education: for the mind, body and soul. I would create a different educational system that would focus more on people, and less on standards.

I would bring in schools mentors and trainers that could speak about personal development and motivate the young ones. So each child can grow learning things about the world and about himself. So we could develop our abilities early and be taught how to make the best of them.

I would bring this form of education in the poor countries too, so all of us could benefit from this change.  I would change the world by telling the teachers to talk about their own experiences, instead of teaching totally by the books. And I would select those teachers that have proved that their hearts are as wide as their horizons.

And I would do all the above by personal example. I will try am trying, day by day, to become the best version of myself. So when I’ll be that teacher and mentor for others, I will ll have seen and done enough good things for this world to be able  to teach others from my experiences.

The „How would you change the world?” challenge goes to Alexandra Bohan , Dragos – Andrei Preutescu, Anticalofilul, Anca

This blog post is part of a nation-wide project supported by AIESEC Iași and AIESEC Romania called “1000+ ways of global change”. You can find more information either on the AIESEC Iași blog or on the AIESEC Romania Blog.

So how would YOU change the world?

  1. septembrie 16, 2010 la 5:41 pm

    Pare interesanta si atractiva aceasta organizatie. Realizeza proiecte faine 🙂

    • septembrie 16, 2010 la 5:43 pm

      You have no idea.;)

      Alatura-te si tu din toamna asta. 😀

  2. septembrie 17, 2010 la 12:25 am

    Poti sa ni te alaturi inca de pe acum, spunandu-ne How would YOU change the world. Gasesti toate detaliile pe http://blog.aiesec.ro.

    Frumos post, mandro:*

  3. mirel
    septembrie 29, 2010 la 9:42 am

    sectanztii driequ

    • Roxana
      octombrie 2, 2010 la 6:21 pm

      As vrea eu sa iti explic totusi 🙂

      Daca vrei sa iti sustii punctul de vedere astept mail la roxanaradu@gmail.com

      Seara frumoasa

  4. septembrie 29, 2010 la 10:07 am

    Sa ma chinui sa-ti explic?

    Mai bine nu.

    Ai oricum toate datele problemei.

  1. septembrie 17, 2010 la 5:43 am
  2. octombrie 7, 2010 la 3:03 pm

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